Our Approach

At Borders + Gratehouse we begin with the end in mind—meeting your business objectives through strategic communications. We transcend the "same old same old" PR strategies with the same zeal you bring to your own business. And we do it with a smart, informed approach that's founded on relevance and insight. We roll up our sleeves and immerse our experts in your business, turning your challenges and goals into greater awareness, growth and sales. Our client expertise spans consumer and lifestyle brands to mobility and enterprise technologies.

While other agencies bring out the top talent to win your business, Borders + Gratehouse stays the course, providing the hands on partnership you need to create breakthrough, strategic programs that make things happen. We think beyond the current possibilities and go big in every facet of your program.

Experience the power of a standout reputation and revel in the outcome—strategic communications that build lasting value.

See the difference something different can make for you.






Borders + Gratehouse is now Highwire.


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