Promote Growth of Online Work

Despite the doom and gloom outlook of the traditional on-site labor market, Elance offered a contrarian view of the labor market and wanted to highlight that more and more businesses were turning to online contractors vs. traditional staffing methods to get work done. The PR team focused on promoting the changing world of work and momentum on Elance, including key online hiring trends. The B+G team also raised awareness about the value of Elance for both businesses and freelance providers.

Be the Voice of the Industry

To position Elance as the leader in online work, the B+G team focused on proactively engaging press and influencers in a regular dialogue around new online work trends. Each quarter, B+G distributes and promotes an Online Employment Report (OER), featuring insightful market data about what is happening with respect to work online and time that report to the release of government job numbers.


The Elance Online Employment Report data is sourced in high level broadcast and business publications such as ABC News, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNN Money, USA Today and Fox Business, as well as regional newspapers such as the Cape Cod Times, San Francisco Chronicle and Chicago Tribune among others. Further, the Elance Online Employment Report is reviewed regularly by IT trade media such as GigaOm, CNET, InformationWeek and CIO Magazine as well as niche trade publications like PHP Magazine and Web 2.0 Journal and freelancer blogs such as Web Worker Daily.

“While some people may argue that freelancing has only become more popular as jobs have become harder to come by following the economic downturn, the Elance study shows that many millennials actually choose freelancing over traditional employment.”

“The upshot of all of this is that demand for freelancers has never been greater, and there has never been a better time to be able to freelance successfully. Indeed, according to the Online Employment Report, a quarterly publication of the leader in the freelance world, Elance (more on them in a moment), "jobs posted by businesses seeking talent grew 52% year-over-year." What other sector of the economy can boast an increase of 52%? Right, none. So freelancing is here to stay and will only continue to increase.”

"The number of mobile development jobs offered on, a freelancer website, doubled between the first quarters of last year and this year, twice as fast as growth on the site as a whole."




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