"Make a Will Month"

In April 2011, while more than 142 million tax returns were expected to be filed in the United States, Americans were woefully unprepared for that other inevitability, estate planning and creating a Will. This lack of preparation inspired Rocket Lawyer and Borders + Gratehouse to declare April 2011 "Make a Will Month."


In designing the campaign, Borders + Gratehouse set out with two key objectives in the development and execution of the program:

- Evangelize internet solutions like Rocket Lawyer that make legal services more accessible, affordable, and easier to use

- Raise awareness and create demand for Rocket Lawyer estate planning services


In honor of "Make a Will Month" Rocket Lawyer provided free Wills to users for the entire month of April, and commissioned a Harris survey that identified interesting and unique statistics that would drive awareness and promote Rocket Lawyer's estate planning services. The unique data points and special promotion allowed the PR team to reach out to a wide array of reporters from personal finance blogs to top-tier business press. Key stats from the survey included:


Through the "Make a Will Month" campaign, Borders + Gratehouse significantly increased visibility for Rocket Lawyer and raised awareness and credibility for online legal services.

Since launching "Make a Will Month", dozens of articles have appeared online and in print publications. Key highlights include: LIVE, CNBC and AOL Small Business, as well as prominent local business and trade press coverage in San Francisco Chronicle, Technorati, and Examiner properties. In conjunction with the "Make a Will Month" PR campaign and increased SEM, Rocket Lawyer also witnessed a 37 percent increase in customer sign-ups the three months following the campaign.

"If you don't have a will, chances are you've never been in a situation where someone near to you passed without one. You'd understand the nightmare that probate court can be when divvying up an estate without a will; it gets parsed according to state law, with no stipulation for loyal friends or the church or a charity or any other person or entity the deceased might have wanted to honor with a bit of his or her estate. A new study by theRocket Lawyer found that 57% of the 1,000 people it surveyed were without a will. That's sad."

" Where there's a will, there's a way to control what happens to your assets once you've gone where you can't take them with you. However, Rocket Lawyer, an online legal service, says most of us don't have a plan. The firm says that according to a survey of 1,001 adults by Harris Interactive, 57 percent do not have wills. It probably won't surprise you that nine out of ten people under the age of 35 don't have one, but the same goes for 44 percent of boomers ages 45-64."

"A March survey by found that more than half of all adults do not have a will, including 44 percent of baby boomers… Charley Moore, chairman of Rocket Lawyer, said there's often a misconception that writing a will is difficult. 'It's super easy,' he said. 'People don't understand how important it is."




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