Case Study

In July 2010, Borders + Gratehouse added an innovative new client to its portfolio: SlideRocket . The premier online presentation platform, allows professionals, students and consumers alike to create stunning presentations and engage audiences anytime, anywhere, from any device – from the boardroom to SXSW.

Borders + Gratehouse created a PR program aimed at elevating awareness for SlideRocket among customers and partners by executing the following objectives:

- Introduce SlideRocket's new service to key audiences and influencers

- Differentiate SlideRocket's unique interactive features from other competitive offerings

- Position SlideRocket as an industry though leader within the cloud application space


In the initial product launch, Borders + Gratehouse sought to showcase SlideRocket's interactive features including: real-time Twitter feeds, HD video, polls, surveys and comments that engage audiences and drive sales. The message hit home, in the first quarter working with SlideRocket, Borders + Gratehouse secured coverage in top-tier business publications such as Forbes, New York Times and Inc.—as well as influential trade publications like Mashable, VentureBeat and PCWorld.

To continue the momentum, Borders + Gratehouse built thought leadership for SlideRocket through a consistent drumbeat of media coverage, which culminated in stand-out recognition by Google. In December 2010, SlideRocket was one of the inaugural apps in the Google Chrome Web Store launch. The app immediately skyrocketed to the top as the #1 staff pick with more than 50K downloads in the first 10 days.

In addition to this stand-out recognition, thought leadership pieces clearly defined how SlideRocket fits into the overall application market—and positioned SlideRocket as a leading player in the space. Borders + Gratehouse secured a series of contributed articles in top-tier business and trade publications such as Forbes, San Jose Mercury News, VentureBeat and MarketingProfs in an effort to showcase how SlideRocket is leading the evolution of cloud computing.


The awareness Borders + Gratehouse developed for SlideRocket resonated. In April 2011, VMware, the leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure, announced the acquisition of SlideRocket as part of its vision for modern end-user computing. Acquiring SlideRocket is a natural step in VMware's mission to deliver engaging workforce applications that are collaborative, mobile-optimized, social and even fun.

Continued Effort

Borders + Gratehouse continues to fuel SlideRocket's momentum with creative campaigns that catch media attention and drive adoption. Most recently, the PR team developed a campaign around the need for a Presentation Revolution. As part of its efforts, Borders + Gratehouse developed a survey which highlights the dramatic need for better presentations.

More and more people have begun to adopt SlideRocket as their go-to presentation and engagement weapon—leading to an all out (and much needed) "Presentation Revolution." This revolution has just begun, as one of the leading players in the technology space VMware, has just taken the steps to ensure SlideRocket's momentum has no end in sight.

“Two other services that mobile users shouldn’t overlook: SlideRocket and Prezi. Both are nicely refined, Web-based services that let you build and share presentations with software that rivals PowerPoint.”

“Begin educating prospective customers by getting the word out to industry organizations and trade journal editors…You can use online tools such as to create an informational presentation.”

"Number 1 Chrome Web App: SlideRocket Why It's Awesome: SlideRocket is a fantastic web app that lets you create robust, media-rich presentations in your web browser. SlideRocket even has a new HTML5 slide viewer optimized for the iPad."




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