Borders + Gratehouse delivers PR results that create business value. As your PR partner, we are an extension of your marketing team. Campaigns and programs are developed and executed in alignment with your business objectives and challenges. We are a full service agency offering comprehensive programs for your communications needs.

Messaging and Positioning
You want your messaging to build brand equity. Borders + Gratehouse utilizes a powerful methodology to help our clients successfully navigate through the confusion of overused terms, hype cycles and chaotic markets to develop concise, powerful positioning.

Media and Analyst Relations
Our years of experience in journalism and PR enables us to develop story ideas that balance editorial relevance and broad market appeal. We enjoy close working relationships with the media and analyst communities and have earned a reputation for creating solid campaigns that present the interests of our clients within interesting and compelling storylines.

Social Media
Conversations that impact your brand are taking place across a wide array of platforms and services. We help you work in this new era of communications to create and engage communities that enhance your reputation. Learn to leverage social media to drive your PR campaigns and harness the feedback to deliver greater value to your customers.

Global Account Management
We have years of experience working on global communications programs and can help you make the most impact across a variety of markets. We work with seasoned partners across APAC and EMEA that help our clients build formidable reputations across borders.

Media Training
We teach you to meet the press with confidence and equip you with the skills to communicate effectively with the media under any circumstances. You will learn how to ace interviews and get your stories told.






Borders + Gratehouse is now Highwire.


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